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Your organization probably has quite a bit of membership information. It might be spread across multiple databases, out of date custom applications and Excel spreadsheets. It is virtually impossible to get basic information, much less demographic data that would help you grow your membership base.

Now think about connecting that membership information with your luncheons, training courses, conventions and other event data. That information might be in a database, or it might be spread out among a variety of online services you have used over the years to handle your events.

Scaled Solutions has over 10 years of experience working with associations to manage their membership data. We have worked with Access databases, Excel spreadsheets and paper documents to help a number of organizations aggregate member data and provide better services to their members. Over the past three years we have tested and developed a number of solutions for managing member relationships and handling event registration and have settled on Drupal and CiviCRM.

These two solutions combine to provide a unified web presence, mebership and event management and controlled access to members only content. Because the software is open source, the cost of entry is much lower than similar commercial systems that can approach six figures.

Contact Scaled Solutions today to take your membership services to the next level.