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I have had a couple of customer sites that display

Working with data conversion and data import projects means I am often faced with unmanageably large chunks of data.

Looking at the CiviCRM forums I saw that there was a real need for members only pricing for events in general, and the ability to manipulate price sets overall. I also have a customer who has made this a requirement in their proposal, and I wanted to take a stab at adding functionality to CiviCRM. The buildAmount hook works fine for regular pricing, but doesn't allow us to modify price sets.

Just today on Twitter I was alerted to this post from March where a proud daddy and Drupal module developer annonuced the birth of his first son. Go ahead and check out the cute baby picture, I will wait...

One of the first questions I am asked when I start talking about Drupal is "Who uses this system anyway"?


Scaled Solutions is committed to the use of Open Source software. We believe in the immense value it can provide to small and medium organizations in terms of both features and costs.

So what is open source software and why should you care?

I started off as a web designer/developer creating websites and writing code to add functionality for my customers. As my clients became more sophisticated, they asked for more advanced functionality. Often the features they wanted added more than they expected to both the timeline and budget.

Based on these requests from my customer I began researching various options and it quickly became obvious that a content management system would be the best tool to serve my customers.